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ACSI Camp Open Call for Cases


ACSI Camp Open Call for Cases Aalto University’s Innovation Camp Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation ACSI Open Call for Cases 6.2.2012

Which societal challenges are critical in your operating environment? 
What kind of innovation would you need to take your activities to the next level and strengthen your societal impact?
How and to what direction would you like to develop the society?

Aalto University’s Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation ACSI introduces a new era of innovation. We work with issues on a societal level, within the larger framework around your organization that improves significantly your activities or business, and increases productivity.

With this Open Call for Cases we search for case clients wanting to
find solutions to complex challenges and concerns having strong social and larger societal importance;
become part of the unique global innovation community promoting societal progress increasing the quality of life.

ACSI working method has been designed to offer innovative practical solutions to complex and multilayered problems. The heart of ACSI is an eight-day innovation camp organized in Finland each summer. In 2012 approximately 70 field experts, researchers, students and artists from all over the world will join the camp and be engaged in co-creating solutions to selected cases. The ACSI methodology is based on self organisation and rapid prototyping, and after the camp each case has at least one, often several solutions, ready to be put in action.

By bringing together a mix of expertise specially selected for the requirements of each case and using developed facilitation elements, ACSI creates a unique culture for finding break through solutions that are not normally seen. Therefore, it is also an opportunity to participate in forefront of global innovation, to learning by a co-creation and share visions and ideas with leading experts and promising newcomers.

To participate in ACSI Open Call for Cases send a brief description of your case idea to Project Manager Essi Aittamaa by the 7th of March. The final selection of cases is announced by the end of March.

ACSI Innovation Camp is held in Helsinki 7th – 14th of August 2012.

Pricing for Case Clients:
Case fee 15 000 euro + VAT 23% for one client bringing a case
Case fee 20 000 euro + VAT 23% for two clients bringing a joint case
Case fee 24 000 euro + VAT 23% for three clients bringing a joint case
Case Clients based outside Helsinki metropolitan region will also cover a case preparation travel fee


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